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Welcome to Want To Know, the Rural Practice Training Company and Life Long Learning (LLL) provider in Eastern England.

The object of Want To Know is to provide training to rural Chartered Surveyors and Agricultural Valuers, plus those training to take the exams to qualify for entry to the profession. It is run by rural Chartered Surveyors as a non-profit making training company.

We run a conference in St Ives, Cambridgeshire each March and November. The March conference is co-presented by the CAAV.

We run a two day tutorial at The Suffolk Food Hall in February for APC students and probationer members of the CAAV. This qualifies for CAAV tutorial certificates.

We would be interested to hear from you if you think you would benefit from a  mentoring service for unqualified surveyors.

Please do contact us with your thoughts, suggestions and requests for topics to be included in future events OR if you would like to be notified by email of future Want To Know events.